Business Events

More than a team of business advisors and accountants, we seek to be educators. With education brings the understanding and confidence to make smarter business decisions.

We seek to educate our clients so that together we can work on a journey of growth; whether professionally or personally. We regularly run seminars, business mastery workshops and financial planning seminars. By attending these educational events you can be sure you are armed with the best chance of succeeding in business.

Our range of educational events and workshops cover:

  • How to start a profitable business
  • How to manage business growth
  • Property Development
  • How to start a profitable business

Upcoming Workshops and Events

Breakfast Seminar

Melbourne reimagined: demographic drivers behind the big north/west shift


What our clients say about our workshops and seminars:

Over the last 2 years, SP Solutions have played an integral role in building our Members business acumen via a series of seminars and educational print and digital communications.

Sebastian’s energy, professionalism and an inherent ability to educate and encourage trade based Businesses are providing dividends for our Members.

Elaine Mathews, Membership and Corporate Relations Manager, Master Plumbers

I recently attended the Business Success Workshops, facilitated by SP Solutions. The course was informative, motivating, energising and totally on message about what you need to know to run a business. Don’t be fooled if you have been running your business for a long time and think, this is not for me because I know how to run a business. It will change the way you see your business and it will force you to change in a positive way. The presenters know their stuff! They are astute and tailor the program as it progresses for each member of the group. You feel as if they are talking directly to you. This course is critical for every business owner. As Sam would say – “Know your numbers”

Cecilia Glossop, General Manager Glossop Town Planning