Business education

You were taught a trade or profession, but who has taught you how to run a business?

At SP Solutions we are very proud of our Business Education programs as we have seen real success stories and long term relationships arise as a result.

Through our range of seminars, workshops, and event series, we pride ourselves on being true business educators backed by extensive practical experience in assisting our client’s growth over the years.

Our knowledge doesn’t just come from a textbook. Unlike many courses available today, our speakers have first hand business advisory experience and a great deal of it as they are doing it on a daily basis!  Most importantly this experience is backed by the knowledge of understanding how knowing the numbers in a business makes all the difference.

We understand that as business owners you started out with a passion and that you wanted to spend your life being able to make a living out of that passion.

Understanding finances was or is unlikely high up on your priority list as you dreamt about what it would mean to run your own business. However as many business owners can tell you, you will quickly find out the hard way if you don’t learn. With 60% of small businesses failing in the first 3 years, it’s so important to understand the numbers within your business.

Through our education programs, we make that part simple by delivering easy to understand content via topical workshops and seminars that specifically relate to your industry and the stage of business you currently find yourself in.

Check out our upcoming business education events here.

With the assistance and training we received from S.P Solutions through their workshops, the one on one business advisory and strategic planning sessions has transformed the way we run our business from a purely reactive style without any thought out processes, planning and a cash flow nightmare to introducing accurate process strategies to monitor the day to day business as well as planning and projecting future sales and cash flow which has in effect transformed not only our business but also had a big impact on our personal lives.
S.P Solutions have given us the opportunity to manage our business and personal lives with clear and predictable goals and outcomes which removes a lot of the unnecessary stresses we had in our lives previously.

Stephen & Kerri Barnewall
Directors, Stainless Services Pty Ltd

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