Small Medium Enterprises

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We help owners of Small to Medium Enterprises overcome the hurdles of cash flow problems and stagnation in their business. We find they often feel overwhelmed and don’t know how to address a lack of profit or manage growth effectively. These issues are combined with small business owners trying to wear too many hats and do every task, meaning they don’t have enough time to work on their business and often end working in their business on day to day tasks. This quite often leaves business owners feeling they don’t have enough to show for the efforts put in.

Plan to Profit Workshops

Focused on your business as it stands in terms of your current challenges and opportunities


Meet Simon

Can you relate?

He runs an IT and telecommunications business. He puts in long hours and dedicates a lot to the business, overseeing everything himself from accounting to individual job management. Despite his hard work, he’s become frustrated because he can’t achieve the growth he wants and can’t get a handle on his cash flow, no matter how much of himself he gives to the business.

We help SME's at all stages of their business journey

Start me up

Exciting, you have decided to go for it! Go from being an employee or sole trader to running your own team and business minus the start up pitfalls.

Next level growth

Congratulations, you’re running your own business! You have a partner or team, yet not realising the profits you hoped for or are still struggling doing so much yourself.

Mastering wealth

Satisfaction! Business is running along nicely. Yet you’re not sure you’re maximising your full earning potential. Discover how to maximise your assets to create wealth for the future.

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What our valued clients say

Ben Driller

Egan National Valuers (Victoria)

As a first step I attended an SP Solutions workshop on improving cash flow. I was so impressed with our results that our whole leadership team completed another workshop with them, which really focussed the team and brought them together. As the relationship deepened, SP Solutions seamlessly transferred our accounting to Xero and helped us integrate a new time and cost job management platform giving us a dashboard to monitor our performance in real time. They have also helped us formulate and execute our business strategy to make sure we achieve our goals. We’ve found it really helps to work with someone who has an intimate understanding of your business.

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