We are very proud of seeing our clients grow both professionally and personally. Read about some of our clients journeys below.

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Ben Driller

Egan National Valuers (Victoria)

We had been through a change in ownership structure and needed help with key decisions to adjust and keep the company moving forward. We were faced with some big challenges including meeting the need for a new, state of the art, accounting system and a workflow management system. We also needed to improve cash flow and I wanted to find someone I could trust to help our leadership team develop and execute a strategy for success.

As a first step I attended an SP Solutions workshop on improving cash flow. I was so impressed with our results that our whole leadership team completed another workshop with them, which really focussed the team and brought them together. As the relationship deepened, SP Solutions seamlessly transferred our accounting to Xero and helped us integrate a new time and cost job management platform giving us a dashboard to monitor our performance in real time. They have also helped us formulate and execute our business strategy to make sure we achieve our goals. We’ve found it really helps to work with someone who has an intimate understanding of your business.

I can now run the business remotely which delivers huge lifestyle benefits from implementing a cloud-based business solution; in particular the workflow management system and having complete visibility in terms of cash flow. This has put me in a position to invest and develop my wealth in property. Since working with SP Solutions I’m much more emotionally invested in the success of my business and have grown into a much more knowledgeable and confident owner. 

Tom Vasilevski & Nick Markovski

Elite Property Care

We were experiencing much slower growth than we had expected and we were lacking any clear direction on how to address this. We didn’t want to be perceived as another ‘me too’ business doing the same as everyone else, but we weren’t able to penetrate into different market areas or achieve organic growth.

SP Solutions helped us through the full process of turning things around over a period of 19 months. We started from the key foundation of strategic planning to ensure our personal goals aligned with our goals for the business. From there SP helped us create and successfully execute a plan to purchase an existing operational business within our target market segment, including guidance on due diligence, business feasibility and finance applications.

From feeling aimless with a business that was not performing to our expectations for growth we are now running not one but two successful businesses in separate markets and enjoying significant business growth in all areas. With clear direction we’re now looking forward with relish to the next five years!

Elaine Mathews

Membership and Corporate Relations Manager, Master Plumbers

Over the last 2 years, SP Solutions have played an integral role in building our Members business acumen via a series of seminars and educational print and digital communications.

Sebastian’s energy, professionalism and an inherent ability to educate and encourage trade based Businesses are providing dividends for our Members.