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Justin Gomez

ANE Electrics Pty Ltd

Where do I start? Before I was introduced to Sebastian in late 2016 I was under the impression that your accountant would only contact you at that one time of year, well I was wrong.

I first ran in to Sebastian at a contractor’s event held by NECA at their head office in South Melbourne, where he was invited to address a full room of contractors to discuss the importance of knowing and understanding the sate of your businesses finance well before it had an effect on the performance. As soon as he started with his presentation I knew that he was what we were missing.

I have been the head of an Electrical contracting business for over 10 years, and before engaging the services of SP Solutions I never had the comfort of knowing the exact financial position we would be in prior of being in that position. Right from the start we worked together with Sebastian’s team, we put in place a 12 month budget utilizing real figures. Catching up every 2 months to analyze the past and next two months, we were able to plan ahead knowing the financial position we would be in before we were. This enabled us to make financial decisions with the peace of mind knowing we could afford to.

Sebastian has not only become our accountant, but a business advisor and some one I am glad to say is a mate.