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Work Life Balance

You can have a life as well as a business! With the right tools and guidance you can have both.

With 2017 well under way, many of you will be keen to ensure you have a better year than last year and would have already set yourself some goals. If we fast forward to 31 December 2017, there will two types of people – those that achieved their goals, and those that didn’t.

Which camp would you rather be in?

I am going to assume you want to be one of those people who achieve their goals in 2017. If so, your first step is easy to identify – take ACTION!

You might be a smaller plumbing business struggling to make ends meet even though you’re flat out working long hours. Or you could be the growing, emerging plumbing business dealing with employee affairs and cash flow issues. To achieve a different result, you need to take action and do things differently. Make a change! No one is saying that it will be easy, actually to be frank, it will probably be incredibly difficult. One saying that I believe in is ‘The pain of discipline weighs ounces, the pain of regret weighs tonnes’. Think about that for a second.

It’s easier than you think to take control and manage your money. It’s easier than you think to take your business to the next level. Most importantly, it’s easier than you think to have a growing, emerging plumbing business and still maintain an awesome lifestyle. However, it needs to start with you. The boys in the field won’t make it happen nor will your accountant make it happen. It starts with you.

The cold hard fact is that no matter how great a plumber you are, without the tools and understanding of how to grow a thriving plumbing business, you will remain on the rollercoaster ride of business and more importantly, life.

So as you gear up for the winter, understand that the only way forward is change and action. It can be really hard, but there is no other way. But, I am really confident that the rewards make it all worth it.

Our accountant for tradies, Sebastian, is the resident Tradie Business Consultant & Accountant at SP Solutions. He has presented at the inaugural Master Plumbers Business Breakfast as well as presenting at various Master Plumbers Trade BBQ’s held at Tradelink stores across Melbourne. He thrives on advising and educating business owners on the growth of their plumbing business and ultimately their personal wealth. Having grown up around Trade Based Businesses, Sebastian has a special interest in helping Plumbers achieve their profit and growth potential.  He understands your everyday problems and challenges as a plumber, and unlike many accountants, tries to keep it as simple as possible!