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Why knowing your numbers is an essential part of business planning

Numbers are an essential consideration of any business planning. Having a deep understanding of your numbers enables clearer decision making around each area of the business, as they communicate where budget should be spent based on factors such as lucrative target markets and areas of improvement, and therefore investment. Ultimately, this understanding will determine your cash flow, which directly links to profits.

SP Solutions offer expert advice to aid you in making the right decisions for your business. Even after years of offering business planning services in Melbourne, we’re often shocked to discover that many small business owners don’t understand or check their numbers regularly. When it comes to big business decisions like applying for a loan, a demonstrated understanding of your cash flow through financial statements can significantly increase your odds.

Gaining insights into numbers can be achieved in multiple ways. With technology offering major assistance through programs such as cloud-based accounting, to more traditional methods like hiring an accountant; valuable insights on your numbers are closer than ever. By organising documents such as tax returns and financial statements, the bank will have confidence in your ability to effectively manage the stress of taking on a new loan. 

Often, small business owners rely on their abilities to manage tasks from quoting and invoicing to completing jobs and ordering from suppliers. What is important to remember is that as your business grows, so do these needs. Outsourcing processes assists in managing the requirements that may otherwise weigh you down.

Outsourcing enables you as the business owner to focus on making improvements across your business. SP Solutions recommends a wide approach, as profits often see an increase when a business is operating optimally across the board than in one area. An understanding of numbers will enable you to identify which areas these may be. Furthermore, utilising business planning services such as those offered by SP Solutions can provide reassurance in your decisions, so you know your money is being well spent.

SP Solutions can analyse your numbers and identify areas of improvement. Our consultants offer a thorough discussion of key numbers such as your breakeven point, where your business is neither making nor losing money. With reference to this number per day, month or year, you will have a clearer idea of when there is potential for profit.

At SP Solutions, we understand the importance of numbers on small business operations.