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Vision, Focus, Action!

‘Lights, camera, action!’ So goes the famous cry that begins the shooting of a film scene. And there's some interesting wisdom buried in that three-word announcement.

Vision (Lights) comes first for a reason. On the movie set, the director first makes sure the scene is set and lit properly. Setting up the lighting is not only one of the most expensive aspects of preparing the movie set, is also the one that takes the longest time. A film crew might spend many hours setting up a scene and getting it lit properly for only minutes of actual shooting time.

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Focus (camera) comes nextOnce the stage is set and properly lit, the director makes sure the camera is in position, with just the right angle and lens. There might be a hundred things going on in that scene, but the director knows exactly where he wants to point the camera to get the results he’s looking for. In business, there may be a hundred things going on at once. It may look complicated, but it’s not – if you know where to focus. Before you take any action, you must know where to point the lens.

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Finally, it’s time for action. The actors have all learned their lines and they’re ready to walk onto the set and do their part. But before a line is uttered or any gesture is made, the director has already seen it in his head, so the moment something is off, he knows it. It’s the same in business. You have to know what actions are critical for the scene to work.

business advisory Vision, focus, action. It’s a mantra that will help you build your dream business, or position you for success in any company.

Vision means keeping the big picture in mind at all times. People unnecessarily complicate things. There are details, sometimes hundreds of details, in any business, and they’re important – but they’re only details. You need to have the right lens (Focus) so you can see the big picture and which handful of actions are critical to your success.

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