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The SP Solutions Philosophy

Here at SP Solutions, we employ over 25 people who are focused on helping our small business owner clients develop great businesses. We aim to make our clients as successful as they want to be.

We find that best results come from finding motivated business owners that realize they need experts to help them get wealthy. And by working together, we remove the barriers that were holding them back from achieving the success that they want to achieve.  

Our belief is ‘your success starts with the right advice’ and our philosophy here at SP Solutions is ‘We believe your business is a central part of creating your wealth.’ Your business will become the goose that lays your golden eggs. You want your business to make a profit, otherwise all you have is an expensive hobby.  

We believe there are 3 major purposes for your business: 

1. Re-invest your profits

The goal of all businesses should be to create a sellable asset. Whether you want to sell it or not yet, the goal is to create an asset that’s worth something. Your business should be your best asset or investment, so you shouldn’t hesitate re-investing in your business to grow it. Reinvest the profits of your business to continue to grow it and create a more sellable asset.Reinvest your profits

2. Reserve enough income to fund your current lifestyle

Your business should be able to fund the kind of lifestyle that you and your family deserve. At the end of the day, if you’re not making enough money in your business, go to the mirror and ask yourself for a pay rise! That’s the reason you got in the business for in the first place.Reserve income to fund your lifestyle

3. Create a wealth plan 

The goal is to accumulate assets in the most tax effective way you can, and to produce a passive, ongoing cash flow. That passive cash flow is what’s going to fund your future lifestyle. We believe the best way to develop these assets in the most tax effective way is through a ‘DIY super,’ a ‘self-managed super’ or though property. What we encourage all our clients to do is to find out what type of investor are they. Are they going to be a passive investor, an active investor, or developer investor? There’s not one strategy that fits all clients. We help to find a tailor made strategy for each client in relation to their skill level, income level, time commitment level and passion level.Create a wealth plan

Once you’ve got the right strategy then it’s going to be easy to create wealth. Retirement is not function of age, but of income. If you have the income, you can retire any time you like. Our goal at SP Solutions is to have our clients create a level of passive income so that they can choose when they want to retire.  

Our focus is always about helping our clients get that balance right between creating a valuable business, creating enough cash flow to fund their current lifestyle and creating assets for their future lifestyle.  

For more help with re-investing, reserving income and creating a wealth plan, contact SP Solutions today for a free one-on-one consultation at (03) 9355 0500 or visit