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Create a wealth plan geared towards financial security

If you’re thinking about the future, chances are you’re thinking about how to remain financially stable throughout your retirement years. Wealth planning is an effective way to kickstart long-term wealth generation and set yourself up for financial security in the future.

A wealth plan helps you to work towards your goal of becoming financially secure. Before creating a wealth plan you should take into account a number of considerations.

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Understand how to utilise your resources

Take stock of your current resources to get a clearer picture of your assets. Whether it’s money in the bank, investments or property, think about how these assets can be harnessed in your wealth plan.

Creating a wealth plan allows you to understand your current financial position as part of the bigger picture and your plan in relation to this.

The first step in wealth planning is determining how much passive income you want to generate from your investments. If you’re looking to stop working and wish to generate a passive income of over $100,000 per annum you may need investment assets of at least $2 million. It’s important to remember that investment assets are solely assets that generate cash flow.

Are you planning to stop working? How much money would you need?

A serious question to ask yourself is if you were to stop working, how much money would you need to sustain your lifestyle? Understanding how much wealth you would need to continuously generate will help you to determine the kind of investments you make. You should also be realistic in your decision about when to stop working. Is your plan conducive to this?

Once you have a goal date in mind, you will be able to work out a timeframe for retirement and when to start actioning your wealth plan. Determining where you currently stand with regards to your investments, income, liabilities and personal expenses through in-depth analysis is key to understanding which resources will be useful as part of your plan and form a strategy. Hiring a business advisor accountant can be invaluable in helping you to see you through this part of the process and offer advice on the next steps.

Remember though, your wealth plan should work with what you’re passionate about. Utilising your skills and working in an area you’re passionate about will make you more likely to stick to your plan. If you want to achieve financial security through property renovation, be sure you have the design, construction or project management skills to see a renovation project through before embarking on an enterprise that’s doomed to fail. Working to a strategy that fits your strengths will allow you to embark upon your wealth plan and generate wealth more effectively in the long-term. Review your plan each year to work out how you can improve for the most viable wealth plan strategy.

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