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Frank Cardamone

Waste Wise Environmental Pty Ltd

The business was growing rapidly, but we were really struggling to deal with that. The pace of growth caused operational and cash flow issues which I couldn’t see how to manage. I wasn’t able to understand or forecast the cash flow and the organisation was suffering with me still trying to oversee and directly control every aspect of the business.

SP Solutions helped us look at things differently and identify opportunities for sustainable growth. In particular, a 3-way cash flow model revealed the working capital we needed to fund sustainable growth. They identified gaps in the organisational structure and helped begin the process of finding the right people to fulfil those key positions. Most importantly, they helped me to understand the benefits of delegation, not just for me but for the good of the business.

From struggling to deal with four trucks and ten employees from a yard eight years ago, we now operate 20 trucks out of a near-new factory and we are happy to still be growing. We employ over 25 people, including a full time Internal Group Accountant, General Manager and Operations manager. I have learned to let these capable people do their jobs and the results speak for themselves as to how we are continuing to grow the business together. I trust the team to manage the business and I recently enjoyed a ten week holiday spending time with my family, which I would never have dreamed was possible before starting our relationship with SP Solutions.